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Your P.O.V
I ran as fast as I could down the path to the cram school. My teacher kept me late so I was a few minutes behind. I found the door and hurriedly opened it. The door to the classroom was straight ahead so I ran to open it. "I'm so sorry I'm late!" I yelled as the door opened. I saw other students sitting down, the teacher, and Mephisto. Mephisto looked over at me and smiled. "No worries miss ____. I was just telling the students that they have a new classmate." I scanned the other students sitting in the classroom. There was a girl with blonde hair next to a boy with blueish hair, two girls sitting together, a boy with a strip in his spiky hair near a boy with short and a pink haired boy, and finally a person in the back wearing a hoodie behind a boy with a puppet. Mephisto motioned for me to sit down in an empty chair behind everyone. When I sat down he began to talk again. "Ok students! Today Mr. Okumura is going to take you on a field exercise." The girl with the purplish hair raised her hand. "Yes Miss. Kamaki?" Mephisto asked. "Sir Pheles, ____ is new don't you think it would be better if she sat out of this one?" "No I don't Miss Kamaki, I believe ____ is ready for this." He said then left. The teacher addressed the class once he was gone. "Alright class. Today we have a mission, a large hobgoblin has been creating mischief in a town south from here. Students you will split up into teams and deal with it accordingly. Miss ____, I will give you weapons you can use during this fight since you haven't learned how to use other methods. The rest of you will be using your regular techniques." Mr Okumura got up and walked to the door. He put a weird looking key into the keyhole and turned. The other students got up so I followed. When Mr Okumura opened the door a whole other town was there. I gasped. I had never seen anyone do anything like that before. I followed the other students through the door. It immediately became cold causing me to shiver. I wrapped my arms around myself and looked around. "Miss ____. Here is a standard pistol loaded with blessed bullets, a few holy water bombs, and a talisman to protect you." He said handing me a few objects. The other students began to go on the search for the hobgoblin while I tried to get my stuff situated. once I got my stuff together I headed off into the town. I held on tightly to the pistol in my hand. Every little noise made me jump. Even the innocent little demons that I play with looked scary. I heard a loud boom and the large hobgoblin slammed through a building. I raised my pistol and began to fire with shaky hands. It hit the hobgoblin, but it only made it angry. It turned to me and charged. I screamed and ran. It continued to follow me as I turned. It slammed into the sides of buildings and snapped street lights. I pulled out one of the holy water bombs and chunked it over my shoulder. I heard a loud bang than an agonized scream from the goblin. 
Mephisto's P.O.V
I watched ____ running away from Amaimon's Behemoth. For someone who has not had any training at all she is doing very well. SHe isn't dead yet. Amaimon promised he wouldn't let anything happen to her, but who knows how reliable his word can be. ____ threw holy water bombs over her shoulder as she ran from Behemoth. I saw Amaimon running along side his pet on the rooftops. I told him to attack ____ first. I need to see how well she can handle demons. She turned a corner and found that she had hit a dead end. I tensed up. I am ready to step in if anything goes wrong. ____ turned and watched Behemoth as it found its way to the opening of the dead end. Behemoth growled and readied to charge again, but ____ did something I did not expect. She pulled out a little ball from her pocket. She held it up in front of the hobgoblin and moved it back and forth. It caught Behemoth's eye and he followed it's every move. ____ raised the ball and threw it behind him. Behemoth turned and raced after the ball. ____ snuck out of the dead end and ran to look for her team. Clever ____. Very clever indeed.
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HikaruMokona Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
I can't help but laugh in this one XD I could see this being animated into a funny skit England (Laughing) [V3] 
nightmare418 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
It would be pretty funny
animedog666 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Love THIS soooo much!!!!
nightmare418 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
That's good
TinyBirdGames Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fetch doggie!!!
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